Warsaw Hash House Harriers

“The Drinking Club with the Running Problem...”



What is the Hash?






What is the Hash?

The Hash is a loose association of people from all sorts of backgrounds, who meet twice a month for a run (or walk...), followed by a few beers. The runs follow a trail of flour laid previously by the “Hare”. The trail is set in a different place every week, either in the forest, a park or in the city.


Why is it called the “Hash”?

Because it was set up in 1938 in Malaysia at a restaurant commonly known as the Hash House. Since then, the Hash has spread around the world and now exists in virtually every major city. For travelling Hashers, the Hash provides an instant social circle on arrival at a new destination.


Would I like it?

The only way to find out is by coming along. You don’t have to be a good runner. In fact, you don’t have to run at all if you don’t want to. Everyone is welcome.



Jerry Hatrick enjoys a couple of beers...


You can run if you want to…