Warsaw Hash House Harriers

"The Drinking Club with the Running Problem..."



What is the Hash?





The Hash is disorganised by a Mis-management. Here is the current team - if you would like to help, please let us know!



Grand Master


He's da boss. Overall director and leader of the pack.

Martin "Witch Doctor" Earl

Religious Advisor


Entertainment officer and enforcer of procedure.

Princess Park Whore

Beer Master


Brings liquid refreshment to the Hash.

The Hares

Hash Cash (HC)

Collects the dosh and maintains the accounts.

Princess Park Whore

Haber Dasher


Sells Hash items that the pack would like to buy.

High Heels

Hash Horn


Blows the hash horn on the trail so we don't get lost.

It could be you!



Keeps record of run attendance and run awards.  Writes quarterly Hash House Herald.

It could be you!

Hashketeer (HK) Promotes and markets the Hash. It could be you!

Hare Razor


Recruits Hares to set upcoming runs.


Music Master


Leads the pack in the singing of naughty songs.

It could be you!

World Wide W@nker


Produces and maintains Hash presence on the web.

High Heels